About us

Norfipc is a personal website founded by Norfi Carrodeguas in 2010, where the author shares and publishes content on different topics.
You can find content related to love and friendship. This includes phrases, messages, poems and love verses, the author's own, the vast majority unpublished.
Another section is dedicated to the publication of Christian thoughts.
Another group of pages deals with Cuba, the author's country, which invites you to get to know its places, nature and natural charms.
Finally, in several sections you can consult articles and tutorials on basic computing and dedicated to the use of Windows, Internet navigation and social networks.
What can I find on norfipc.com?
You can find on this website the solution to a problem on the Internet, the trick you didn't know for Windows, a useful command for networks.
You can also search and copy a love phrase to dedicate, some nice words to fall in love, a poem or a verse to give as a gift, a romantic message for your partner or relationship or a famous quote or thought to share with friends.
Norfipc is the website representing the local company Norfipc, which provides computer consulting services. Read more information.
All sections of this website are listed on the Site Map page.
You can read more detailed information about this website, including its history, mission and plans for the future, on the About page.

About me

Read information about the administrator of this website and author of the content:
About Norfi Carrodeguas

How to contact me

You can contact me using the email address below or explore other options on the contact page: info@norfipc.com

About Norfipc computer consultancy

Norfipc is a local computer consulting service that Norfi Carrodeguas attends and provides advisory services on web development and SEO (search engine optimization).
It serves small businesses and local businesses in the area where I live, who need to expand and improve their internet presence.

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