Christian Words and Messages

Updated: July 02 2023.
By: Norfi Carrodeguas
Christian phrases to carry the word of God across the distance. Pictures and religious thoughts with the teachings of Jesus Christ, to support and encourage whoever needs it.
In the darkness, God is my light. In the storm, my refuge. In sadness my comfort. In discouragement, my motivation. In loneliness, my company. Thanks God.
Words of thanks to God

This is the index of a group of pages with Christian phrases, quotes, thoughts, reflections and prayers written and published by the author originally in Spanish language, in the Christian Messages section of this website.
Some of the articles are being translated gradually, to share them in English, at the request of several of the readers.
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Christian phrases and Prayers

More information of Christian messages

The pages published in this section are translated into English from the original articles written in Spanish.
All content (text and images) are created and owned by the author, but can be freely shared on social networks.
I apologize for the quality of the translation made by a software, which can never be the same, if such content is translated by a person or written in this language.
I apologize for some of the terms used, if any of them are not appropriate.
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